All children are welcome at ‘t Venne! We see differences between people as an enrichment to our school community. We believe that every child deserves a place at a school that will offer them the best possible educational choices and experience possible. We think that this sort of education should happen in an active environment where children can also learn alongside their friends. 

If a child’s learning needs fall outside what we can offer in the regular or plus class we will do our best to find a solution. We have other schools within our organisation who might be able to offer external specialist support in these sorts of situations.  Our motto is “first the child, then the student”. We see the development of cognitive, motor skills, creativity, and social-emotional skills as central to how we work with children. We do our best to encourage the development of the children at our school in all these areas. In addition to academic learning we also think it is important that a child feels good, is self-confident, is curious about the world and is emotionally independent. It is vital that these various aspects are well balanced.  We find that they both have a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn and learning has a direct impact on a student's well-being.

We believe that cooperation between the teacher, parents and child is essential for the successful educational and social development of the child.  We like to encourage everyone to work together; so that we can ensure that your child receives the best from their time at our school.

Our team works within a professional learning organization and everyone has different areas of expertise. It is important that our teaching team continues to develop their professional skills, and they are encouraged to continue to learn.  We also aim to develop co-operation between our school and organisations that support us.  This helps us react quickly and creatively when we need expert external help and information.  We have developed a wide support network that enables us to offer unusual and out of the box solutions to problems that may arise.


At ‘t Venne we work with “KiVa”, a preventative method designed to help develop children’s social-emotional skills.  The programme is aimed at strengthening the sociability of classes and to help stop bullying.  We use this programme so that the classes are happy places to be and so that every child enjoys going to school.

“KiVa” helps to stimulate children’s social skills and social-emotional development. By paying attention to this we aim to improve the social and emotional safety in classrooms which will help the learning environment to be more effective for individuals and groups.  Group problems, like bullying, are effectively prevented with the “KiVa” program. However, should issues arise the program also helps children learn to find solutions with each other and in the class.

You can see our anti-bullying protocol here.


The LEF-group (Learning from Executive Functions) works on improving and understanding a child’s executive functions. This class is generally aimed at children who learn easily and quickly. The class teacher will usually recommend that a child attends the class. In order to find out which executive functions need to be developed the parents, child and teacher fill out a questionnaire.  The results of which identify the areas that a child needs to improve. The LEF group will focus on this with the use of the enrichment folder – which offers more difficult tasks, the opportunity to study certain things in more depth and so on. Any child who attends the LEF group will go through the regular curriculum more quickly than their class mates, and will have to do less repetitions of work. Time they save in the regular curriculum can be devoted to working on tasks from the enrichment folder.

Children who do not need to develop executive functions, but who still learn quickly, will work with their class teacher on tasks from the enrichment folder.

For students for whom the above approach is not sufficient, an alternative is to attend the Day a Week School for highly gifted children.
Here you can read more about this.

Day a week school - Gifted children
Some children may need more challenge than we can offer them.  For these children we have a solution the: One day a week school – Young Learning.
If your child is in group 5 to 8 and is insufficiently challenged with ongoing schoolwork and the plus material, we may contact you and suggest that the Day a Week School might be appropriate for your child.   Children are selected on their creative thinking, and not their IQ.
Children who attend the Day a Week school, from our region, would go to schools in Nieuw-Vennep and Vijfhuizen. These schools have been provided by the Day a Week School Young Learning since 2019. You can read more about this at

Internal specialists
We work with an array of diverse specialists to provide children with an education that fits their needs.
These specialists could be teachers at school with extra expertise, or freelance staff members.

Internally we have the following specialists:

External care within the school

The following external specialists are connected to the school: